7 Effective Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Buyers

All online retailers face the challenge of boosting their sales at some point or another. However, many businesses are unaware of the fact that a high percentage of shoppers walk out of their stores every day, resulting in several missed opportunities which could be converted into sales. Likewise, boosting traffic for a website is just… Read More »

Credit Card Declines and Preventing Them from Impacting Sales!

Credit card declines are not just disappointing for shoppers but they are deeply frustrating for retailers as well. It’s not only the customer who gets annoyed about blocked online transactions because the retailer also experiences lost sales and possibly a damaged reputation. Reasons for a Credit Card Decline The main reasons behind the decline of… Read More »

LeaseItKeepIt is About to Launch!

After a full year of effort, we’re just about to the finish line. Watch for our flexible lease-to-own services on initial customer RetailDeal